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Calibre2opds 3.5 final

20/10/2015 2 comments

I have decided that it is time to move the 3.5 release into a ‘final’ state.   Giving it a ‘final’ label may encourage those who do not like to run software labelled as ‘beta’ the confidence to move to this release. The 3.5 release has had lots of bug fixes since the 3.4 release as well as ton of new features.  There are also some under-the-covers performance related changes that should significantly reduce the time taken to generate a large catalog if you are generating both the XML and the HTML versions of the catalog.

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Google+ page !

And now we’ve got a Google+ page

WIP: custom catalogs

Be gentle, this is my first post in the “Work in progress” series…

The new OPDS 1.1 standard introduces a new “featured books” concept, which I wanted to implement. And, while we were at it, I thought that you (the user) will be happy to choose which books are listed in this “featured books” catalog.

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