There are a variety of facilities that offered for supporting Calibre2opds:

  • Blog:
    We post occasional blog articles to the Calibre2opds Home site (i.e. here) as items of interest occur.
  • Calibre2opds Forum:
    There are regular discussions in the Related Tools section of the Calibre forum. This is a good place to ask questions about calibre2odps.
    NOTE:  The previously dedicated forum for Calibre2opds on is no longer active as they are now charging an annual fee for the service.
  • Issues Register:
    GitHub includes the capability for recording issues against a project.   We  are now using this to track issues relating to Calibre2opds.  If you merely have a question about Calibre2opds then it is recommended that you raise this in the Calibre sub-forum as  mentioned above.  The idea is to try and use the Issue register for items that are going to result in a code change to Calibre rather than more generic queries.

    The Issues Register is used to handle:

Bug Reports:
You can register any bugs that you encounter. In addition you can provide evidence and feedback on any bug. You will also see what progress (if any) has been made in fixing it. You can also browse the list of known issues to see if something you encounter is already been seen before.

Feature Requests:
If you want to raise an enhancement request then proceed as if you were raising a bug. This makes it visible to the developers and provides a mechanism for keeping track of status.  Ideally you should include the words ‘Feature Request’ in the issue title to help show which issues are for enhancements rather than for reporting bugs in the existing release..

NOTE:  We used to use the JetBrains Youtrack product for handling issues as they provided a free license to the Calibre2opds project as an Open Source project.  Unfortunately JetBrains have declined to renew the license for YouTrack and the Clabire2opds project could not justify the cost of a paid-for license.

  • Calibre2opds Source Repository:
    The source for calibre2opds is held in a repository provided by gitHub. You can browse the source online, see the revision history, and checkout a copy to your local system if you want to try building calibre2opds for yourself. You are also likely to want to visit the source repository if you are interested in working on localization or using any of the customization features of calibre2opds.
  1. 30/10/2013 at 01:28

    How do you output just the html to a separate location? I have the books stored on cloud and host the html via Google Drive and just modify the html files (all 1800+) to change the location of images and books. I change “../../” to “”. Sometimes when I update my library opds, it’s only adding like 2 or 3 books, but I have to upload every file back to Drive. Is there a way to output the _catalog to a different folder than the library location, so Google will only upload the modified/updated files and not like 5000+ files??

  2. itimpi
    30/10/2013 at 10:57

    At the moment you cannot do exactly what you want. However that is a feature that is under development for Calibre2opds 3.3, and a beta build should be available for download in the next day or so that can do this. The current beta download (rev 245) has the fields in the GUI to support specifying this but they are not yet all being acted on.

    Basically there are two features that are part of 3.3 development that will enable this:
    – The ability to specify the URL that the books are located on (already implemented) when that is not a sub-folder of the book files location. This will avoid the need to patch the HTML files to change the “../../” references in the HTML files.
    – The ability when in ‘Publish’ mode to specify that the target folder holds only a catalog and not a copy of the book files. This should be ready for revision 246 of calibre2opds.

    There is an additional feature planned that may also be relevant – that is the ability to hold a copy of all the cover/thumbnail images within the catalog folder so that the catalog can be purely self contained. At the moment it is assumed that images are held with the book files. I personally intend to use this feature to have a ZIP’ed copy of the HTML catalog that I can browse off-line on my iPad using the “Sites-2-Go” app (although I would still need to be online to download books).

    P.S. Comments here can get missed. If you want to make sure that they are seen you may be better off posting to the Calibre2opds forum or the Calibre forum.

  3. itimpi
    01/11/2013 at 13:44

    The facility requested is now available in a beta build (rev 246) of Calibre2opds 3.3. This build is available from the Calibre2opds downloads area.

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