How can I publish only a part of my huge library ?

This question has been asked by Alexandra, a Dear Author’s reader.

Here is the answer I made :

There are several ways of restricting the data that you want published. The first two only concern the catalog, and then the whole library will be published anyway. The third is probably what you’ll want to do, but it will need to be combined with the first or the second one (or both).

1. restrict the catalog to make it publish only certain tags, or skip certain tags altogether

Using the “List of tags that will generate a catalog” and/or “List of tags that will be excluded from the catalog” options, you can choose which of your tags are published. This directly translates into publishing a smaller part of your library.

2. restrict the catalog to make it publish only certain file types

Using the “Included formats” option, you can choose which eBook file will be referenced in the catalog. Books with no files of this type will not get published at all.

3. use the “Publication mode” feature

This new feature has just been introduced in the new 2.2 version. By selecting “Publication mode” in the list of device-specific modes, you’ll make a specific subset of your Calibre library, including only the books referenced in the catalog.

This means that, by not choosing to put the whole Calibre library under Dropbox control (keep the folder out of the “My Dropbox” directory), and then setting up calibre2opds to use “Publication Mode” and tell it to create the catalog in the “My Dropbox/Public/some folder name that I like” directory, you’ll only publish the part of the catalog you want.

Remember that ALL the books referenced in your catalog will be published. This means that you have to use one of the other methods (or both) to actually restrict what gets in your catalog…

  1. itimpi
    19/10/2014 at 16:20

    As long as you have a way of identifying (e.g. Particular tags) the part to be published then you can set an appropriate filter criteria in Calibre2opds when generating the library

  1. 07/10/2014 at 00:16

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