Compatible software

(last update October 22th, 2011)

Here’s a list of OPDS-compatible software, capable of browsing a catalog created with calibre2opds. This is not an exhaustive list, and you’re welcome to add/edit its entries, or email us if you think something is wrong or outdated !

Note that on iOS, all the reader apps can open an ebook file provided by another app (the browser, or eBookSearch). Therefore, you can e.g. browse your catalog with eBookSearch or the web browser, and read your books with iBooks…

  • Aldiko (Android): Aldiko is the most popular e-book reader on Android and provides support for both EPUB and OPDS. Probably the best OPDS client at this point too.
  • Moon+ Reader (Android):
  • Cool Reader (Android Other)
  • FBReader (Android): An open source, multi-format and multi-platform e-book reader.Other)
  • iBooks (iOS): This is not compatible with calibre2opds as it only allows for online downloads from the Apple book store. It is only mentioned here as many people using Apple devices will have it installed as it is an excellent ebook reader and is free. It is compatible with the main Calibre program which can do book transfers to iBooks via iTunes over an USB connection.
  • eBook Search (iOS): Connects with your OPDS catalog and allows you to download individual books and then load them into various readers already installed on your iOS device. Will load books into Bluefire, MegaReader, Kobo, iBooks, Ouiivo and more. App is free. Paid version removes ads.
  • Stanza (iOS): Historically the most popular iPhone e-book reader and the first reading system that supported OPDS. If run on an iPad it is optimized to exploit the larger screen. The company that developed Stanza has been bought by Amazon, so it is not clear if development is going to continue …
    Stanza has been updated for iOS 5, but I heard that some people have problems with it and iOS 4 !
  • QuickReader (iOS): A very mature and pleasant to use ebook reader with optional speed reading features. If using an iPad then it fully exploits the larger screen. Exists in both a free (Lite) version and paid-for versions.
  • Bookshelf (iOS): One of the first ebook reader for the iPhone (if not THE first). iPad version is available.
  • readMe (iOS): as they claim, a simple, convenient, easy to use e-book reader for iOS based devices. iPad optimised version is available.
  • Wordoholic Reader (Android): An EPUB reader and OPDS client for Android.
  • Ibis Reader (HTML5): Ibis reader is the first HTML5 e-book reader. It provides a seamless reading experience both online and offline on modern smartphones and supports both EPUB and OPDS.
  • Lovely Reader (Web/Flash): In early beta, but Lovely Reader can parse OPDS feeds and display EPUB files in a Flash widget.
  • EPUBReader (Firefox): An EPUB reader and OPDS for Firefox. Browse, download and read EPUB books from your browser.
  • Lucidor (Multiple Platforms): An e-book reader that supports both EPUB and OPDS.
  • Get Books Activity (OLPC XO): An activity for the XO by the One Laptop Per Children Foundation. Can search and download books on Feedbooks.
  • Ouiivo (iOS): Supports EPUB. User-customizable list of OPDS catalogs. Supports download off web pages.
  1. Kevin
    20/09/2015 at 13:53

    The iOS reader KyBook is also compatible with ODPS.

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