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Dropbox is cancelling accounts of calibre2opds users

It came out of the blue, at least for me… Dropbox just cancelled my account, after sending me a DMCA takedown notice for books I had in my calibre2opds catalog.

The notice actually referenced HTML catalog links, so here is what calibre2opds users should do :

  • don’t pirate books; yeah, sure : this also mean, don’t have books that you are legally entitled to have, but are considered pirated copies for some reasons (DRM tempering, self-scan of a paper copy, temporary loan from a friend, etc.)
  • obfuscate your calibre2opds catalog filenames (use the ad hoc option in the program) and don’t share your index link.
  • stop using Dropbox. There are alternatives, although unfortunately less cool, around (Google Drive, a NAS, publishing to a free web host)

Please, send this warning to your friends: this could save their Dropbox account !


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Twitter account

And finally, our twitter account

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Google+ page !

And now we’ve got a Google+ page

Facebook page !

We’ve got our Facebook pageRead more…

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New domain name

We’re now at !
(well, when the DNS servers will have finished globally updating, that is)

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Home site for calibre2opds

This is the Central site and a development blog for Calibre2opds.

Here we talk about upcoming features and publish official releases.   This site will also act as the central site giving links to where you can download calibre2opds and get support for calibre2opds.

If you have questions about calibre2opds then please use the Related Tools sub-forum of the Calibre forum.  Questions asked here as comments tend to get missed.

Read more…

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