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Dropbox is cancelling accounts of calibre2opds users

It came out of the blue, at least for me… Dropbox just cancelled my account, after sending me a DMCA takedown notice for books I had in my calibre2opds catalog.

The notice actually referenced HTML catalog links, so here is what calibre2opds users should do :

  • don’t pirate books; yeah, sure : this also mean, don’t have books that you are legally entitled to have, but are considered pirated copies for some reasons (DRM tempering, self-scan of a paper copy, temporary loan from a friend, etc.)
  • obfuscate your calibre2opds catalog filenames (use the ad hoc option in the program) and don’t share your index link.
  • stop using Dropbox. There are alternatives, although unfortunately less cool, around (Google Drive, a NAS, publishing to a free web host)

Please, send this warning to your friends: this could save their Dropbox account !


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Calibre2opds version 3.0 is up !

This is a major new release as is reflected by the list of changes shown below :

  • New: OPDS 1.1 compatibility
  • New: Experimental support for creating and using a search index in HTML catalogs
  • New: support for Featured Books sub-catalog
  • New: Support for custom catalog sections (based on Calibre searches)
  • New: Support for including links to external catalogs
  • New: Current profile now displayed on main screen
  • New: Support for suppressing the generation of the Recent Books sub-catalog.
  • New: Support for suppressing the generation of the Authors sub-catalog.
  • New: Support for suppressing the generation of the Series sub-catalog.
  • New: Support for suppressing the generation of the Recent Books sub-catalog.
  • New: Support for controlling whether Series information shown in Book Details
  • New: Support for controlling whether Tag information shown in Book Details
  • New: Support for controlling whether Publisher information shown in Book Details
  • New: A catalog generation run that has started can be cancelled
  • New: Use Calibre style searches in a number of places.
  • New: Maximum length of books summary can now be specified
  • New: Split by letter now splits to further levels.
  • New: Option to Control maximum number of levels for Split By letter
  • New: #751211: Allow use of External icons for catalog sections
  • New: Reset options added for URL’s used for book external links
  • New: #c20-49: Improve navigation consistency in HTML catalogs
  • New: German Localization
  • New: User supplied Resource files can be used. In particular this will allow for customization of the look-and-feel aspects of the HTML catalogs.
  • Change: Internal logging improved. This should help with diagnosing faults
  • Change: Series name/number is now at start of Books summary
  • Change: Icons used are now higher resolution and this look better on high quality screens
  • Change: Special compatibility modes removed. Stanza which was main driver for this feature is now effectively a defunct product (and the 3.2 release works with OPDS comaptibility).
  • Change: Replace the settings for the tags to be included with the new Calibre filter feature.
  • Change: Improvements to home folder redirection. Detail now logged when used.
  • Fix: #806869 Russian text in comments field not displayed correctly
  • Fix: #831976 Accented characters not displaying correctly in comments
  • Fix: #836797 Null pointer exception trying to run calibre2opds in commandline mode.
  • Fix: #840830 Command line not working in Windows
  • Fix: #c20-56 Fix handling of multiple authors in OPDS catalogs
  • Fix: Missing catalog.xml file in Nook/Trook mode
  • Fix: Books summaries were not being displayed in book lists in HTML catalogs
  • Fix: Ensure temporary files deleted even if fatal error during generation.
  • Fix: Many other small bug fixes. In particular ones that caused fatal errors during generation are now trapped wherever possible and the run allowed to continue after logging details about the issue.

As soon as I’ll find more time, I’ll make a few in-depth articles about these new features !

In the meantime, enjoy this new release. Dave worked hard to make this possible, so please join me in congratuling him !


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WIP: full-text search

Farid is working on the full-text search feature which will work on any html5-compliant modern browser… Read more…

Stanza updated to 3.2, supports iOS 5

Well that was unexpected ! When iOS 5 was released, everyone announced the death of Stanza. But on November 11th, Amazon updated its underdog app to 3.2, with a single reason listed in the release notes : iOS 5 support…

But at the same time, they announced that it would be the last update they’ll ever release to Stanza.

What does it mean ? We decided that calibre2opds 3.0 would drop specific Stanza support, and we stick to our decision. We therefore suggest that Stanza users switch to another app for reading on iOS (there are plenty, Megareader is one I like).

Edit: I tried the new Stanza, and it works with our 3.0 (pre-release) catalogs ! The only thing I tested that didn’t work is the links (in a book page, internal and external links to other catalogs or web pages).

Edit 2: I heard that some people have problems with it and iOS 4 !

Sony PRS-T1, Android, and OPDS

I received my new Sony PRS-T1 yesterday, and the first thing I did was root it (The ebook reader, Mobile read thread) using Porcupan’s “expand-set” firmware.

After a few missteps, I eventually managed to have everything configured as I wanted (tip: disable animations in Android general settings). And I have a rooted PRS-T1, with FbReader, Coolreader and a few other things installed.

Read more…

Twitter account

And finally, our twitter account

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Google+ page !

And now we’ve got a Google+ page