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Issue register now being done via gitHub

27/11/2017 Leave a comment

Calibre2opds has in the past used the JetBrains YouTrack product for handling issues and feature requests.   Unfortunately JetBrains has decided the calibre2opds project no longer meets their requirements for providing a free license for Open Source projects and have thus not renewed the projects license for YouTrack.   The project could not justify the cost of a paid-for license so as a result we will now use GitHub for handling both Source and Issues going forward.

A list of issues previously handled via YouTrack are included in the Release Notes that are included with each Calibre2opds release.   We will not transfer all previous issues to gitHub unless work is being done on them but for those that we do the reference numbers of the form #c2o-nnn that are listed there will be included in any issues that are repeated on GitHub.

The gitHub Issues system does not provide the same level of capability for categorising issues but hopefully will be sufficient to meet our needs.  We will continue to treat Feature Requests for enhancements as ‘Issues’. For such requests please include the word ‘Feature Request’ in the title of the issue so it is easier to tell which issues are about bugs and which ones are about new features.


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