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Calibre2opds 3.3 release nearly complete

The Calibre2opds 3.3 beta program has been going well and is very close to being Feature Complete as far new features intended for the 3.3 release are concerned.   There are two remaining items that are nearly finished that are visible in the GUI (but are currently disabled) that will be completed before going into Release Candidate mode:

  • The ability to include cover images and thumbnails within the catalog folder.   This will make the catalog self-contained and able to be used (except for downloading books) without access to the calibre library folder.  This will make it easier to have offline copies of the catalog if so desired.
  • the ability to create new catalog sub-sections from custom columns.  These will function in a similar way to the current Tags sub-catalog, but based instead on the content of a specified custom column.

One feature we had hoped for that will not make the 3.3 release is the ability to use Custom columns within the Search syntax used by Calibre2opds.   This has proved to be technically challenging to implement, but it will be kept on the roadmap as a potential feature for future releases.

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  1. 29/01/2014 at 22:31

    The self-contained catalog is a must! That’s a great and welcome new addition! Congratulations to the dev team for this.

    As a feature request, I think that users should have the option to include or remove the external links if they want to. Specially for the ones from ebook stores. Better yet would be that a user could customize the links for their preferred sources, by just adding or removing key/value pairs. The keys without values are not considered for catalog generation runtime.

    To have the ability to include/remove custom external links would make the catalog perfect to anyone. I would love to have these on the next release of calibre2opds.

    Thank you all for the effort and for the great product you’ve made for free!

    • itimpi
      30/01/2014 at 09:15

      You can already do much of the customisation of external links that you requested!

      The Catalog Structure tab allows you to enable/disable the generation of external links as a whole. The Book Reference links tab allows you to customise the URL’s used for each link (or disable any particular link by clearing the value) although the value that can be substituted into any particular URL cannot be altered as it is hard-coded..

      • Deny Dias
        30/01/2014 at 12:38

        Thanks for your answer, itimpi. I spent some hours playing with c2o 3.3 and indeed the ‘clear to disable’ is working. It wasn’t on c2o 3.2.

        I also found what appear to be some bugs on the tags catalog. I’ll open an issue for this on the tracker.

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