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Calibre2opds 3.3 beta program well underway!

01/11/2013 9 comments

The beta program for the calibre2opds 3.3 release is already well underway with a significant number of new features already added (as well as bug fixes against the 3.2 release).

To give an idea of the changes already included the following is a list of the issues describing bugs and/or new features that are already implemented in rev 246 that is available from the Calibre2opds downloads area:

  • New: #c2o-155: Allow Calibre Custom Column values to be displayed in Book Details
  • New: #c2o-160: Allow Books to be on a different URL to the catalog
  • Fix: #c2o-161: The “Language as Tag” value being inverted when saved
  • Fix: #c20-163: If you do multiple generation runs without reloading calibre2opds the catalogs are not correctly generated.
  • New: #c2o-164: Option to Publish only the generated catalog in Publish mode when Books URL specified
  • Fix: #c2o-166: HTML Downloads not generated if OPDS catalog not being generated
  • Fix: #c2o-167: Option to Save bandwidth no longer makes sense so removed it
  • New: #c2o-168: Omit counts from internal links when Minimize Changed Files selected
  • New: #c2o-169: Option to exclude tags from cross-reference links
  • New: #c2o-170: Provide direct links from a list of books to the related authors in HTML catalogs
  • Fix: #c2o-171: Publication date does not show up in the book details page
  • Fix: #c20-172: Dmg Release of Mac OSX broken.
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