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Calibre2opds v3.2 released

11/10/2013 Leave a comment

Calibre2opds v3.2 has made it to release status (albeit it took a lot longer than originally anticipated).   It is available from the normal Calibre2opds Download site.

There is an extensive list of changes and fixes:

  • Change: Documentation moved back to wiki on MobileRead as it is easier to maintain than is the case on WordPress.  Using a wiki also allows for users to update it directly which should help with improving the documentation.
  • Change: Reworked the way that filenames within the catalog are derived.   Should mean that filenames are shorter and less cryptic.   However invalidates any cached names from earlier releases.
  • Change: Reworked way the ‘encrypt’ files option is handled.  When active an ‘encryption string’ is added at the start of folder/file names only – but the remainder of names is same as unencrypted versions.
  • Change: Improvements to run.cmd and rungui.cmd for handling 32-bit Java on 64-bit Windows
  • Change: Changed the way progress text messages are derived so should be more meaningful.
  • New: Added counts to some of the generation progress lines where it made sense (authors, tags, series etic)
  • Fix: #c2o-18: Re-organise GUI fields amongst the various tabs
    (in particular move Featured Books fields to Custom Catalogs tab)
  • Fix: #c2o-85:  Sorting in the All Books catalog should ignore case
  • Fix: #c2o-91:  Setting catalog folder to  root (/) is not treated as an error
  • New: #c2o-97:  Context sensitive help on configuration tabs
  • Fix: #c2o-110: Remove the display of the “Stop catalog generation Button” while other dialog displayed on top
  • Fix: #c2o-111: The “All Books” section within an author not sorted alphabetically
  • New: #c2o-112: Do not delete .htaccess files from generated catalog
  • Fix: #c2o-113: Tags have square brackets added in Book Details
  • Fix: #c2o-114: Language is ignored when running on command line (cli)
  • Fix: #c20-116: Improvements to German localization (thanks to Venia.Legendi)
  • New: #c2o-117: Include year in Recent sub-catalog entries
  • New: #c2o-120: Remove option to Exit from the confirm dialog displayed after pressing Save
  • New: #c20-121: Add links to Localization and customization guides to Help menu
  • New: #c2o-122: Allow more control over contents of Book Details pages.
  • Fix: #c2o-123: Not handling missing file
  • Fix: #c2o-128: Not Reading Ratings
  • Fix: #c2o-130: prc format crashed calibre2opds
  • Fix: #c2o-133: Add support for Kindle KF8 and AZW3 formats
  • Fix: #c2o-134: Wrong sorting of list of authors/title with accent
  • Fix: #c20-135: CALIBRE2OPDS_CONFIG Environment variable used incorrectly
  • Fix: #c2o-140: Help URL’s do not point to latest documentation
  • Fix: #c2o-141: The ‘Open Log File’ option does not work on Windows 8
  • New: #c2o-142: Allow the book links to external sites to be localized (implemented for GUI defauls – not yet made book language specific)
  • New:  #c2o-147: (partial for Language) Option to suppress selected tags in tags sub-catalog
  • Fix: #c2o-148: Catalog generation crashes 3.2 RC (r206)
  • New: #c2o-149: Added an option to clear encrypted filenames cache to Tools menu
  • Fix: #c2o-150: Bug 3.2 rev206M – java.lang.NullPointerException: null
  • Fix: #c2o-151: Incorrect index link
  • Fix: #c2o-152: Catalog generation causes crash. v. 3.1 rev170M and v3.2 Release Candidate (rev 206)
  • Fix: #c2o-153: Crash during Copy if Calibre has altered book author/title during run
  • New: #c2o-154: Allow the user to decide if language should be treated like a tag
  • Fix: #c2o-159: A value for Maximum Books Summary length of -1 is not being treated correctly

More detail can be found for any of these by going the Calibre2opds issue register at:

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