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Dropbox is cancelling accounts of calibre2opds users

It came out of the blue, at least for me… Dropbox just cancelled my account, after sending me a DMCA takedown notice for books I had in my calibre2opds catalog.

The notice actually referenced HTML catalog links, so here is what calibre2opds users should do :

  • don’t pirate books; yeah, sure : this also mean, don’t have books that you are legally entitled to have, but are considered pirated copies for some reasons (DRM tempering, self-scan of a paper copy, temporary loan from a friend, etc.)
  • obfuscate your calibre2opds catalog filenames (use the ad hoc option in the program) and don’t share your index link.
  • stop using Dropbox. There are alternatives, although unfortunately less cool, around (Google Drive, a NAS, publishing to a free web host)

Please, send this warning to your friends: this could save their Dropbox account !


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