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WIP: custom catalogs

Be gentle, this is my first post in the “Work in progress” series…

The new OPDS 1.1 standard introduces a new “featured books” concept, which I wanted to implement. And, while we were at it, I thought that you (the user) will be happy to choose which books are listed in this “featured books” catalog.

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New domain name

We’re now at !
(well, when the DNS servers will have finished globally updating, that is)

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Home site for calibre2opds

This is the Central site and a development blog for Calibre2opds.

Here we talk about upcoming features and publish official releases.   This site will also act as the central site giving links to where you can download calibre2opds and get support for calibre2opds.

If you have questions about calibre2opds then please use the Related Tools sub-forum of the Calibre forum.  Questions asked here as comments tend to get missed.

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