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Stanza updated to 3.2, supports iOS 5

Well that was unexpected ! When iOS 5 was released, everyone announced the death of Stanza. But on November 11th, Amazon updated its underdog app to 3.2, with a single reason listed in the release notes : iOS 5 support…

But at the same time, they announced that it would be the last update they’ll ever release to Stanza.

What does it mean ? We decided that calibre2opds 3.0 would drop specific Stanza support, and we stick to our decision. We therefore suggest that Stanza users switch to another app for reading on iOS (there are plenty, Megareader is one I like).

Edit: I tried the new Stanza, and it works with our 3.0 (pre-release) catalogs ! The only thing I tested that didn’t work is the links (in a book page, internal and external links to other catalogs or web pages).

Edit 2: I heard that some people have problems with it and iOS 4 !

  1. 14/11/2011 at 13:52

    They updated it only because of constant pressure from we, the users. The update is partially broken, in any case. 4 significan bugs have been discovered, and Amazon is not interested in squashing them as far as any of us know.

    • Marcus
      04/04/2012 at 06:25

      Could you please recommend an alternative eBook reader with .pdf support (something which MegaReader lacks) with use together with the catalogs created with Calibre2OPDS?

      // mArBLe

      • 04/04/2012 at 21:38

        I don’t think there *is* anything yet. And its not looking very promising. I am not upgrading my iphone again, software-wise, even if I buy a new one when the next is released. That is, I’ll always keep the current phone so I can keep using Stanza.

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